Yesterday's Projects

First, I think I will start with the one
project that I did today...although
it was inspired yesterday, or
last night when my mind just
kept running..

The base part of the necklace
came from a broken lamp.
The center part from Ace
Hardware in the hardware
section and the top part
I am not really sure...It
must have fallen off something
I was taking apart cause I found
it on the craftroom floor.

Add a bit wire and a chain and
you have this.....

I must admit, I borrow ideas form
other blogs or now my new
found love

On Pinterest they had 3 baskets.
One with the wash clothes,
one with hand towels
and one larger one
for bath towels.
My space was limited
so I did not put up the
larger one for the bath towels.

I love this idea.

I also borrowed this from
Pinterest. Only I have seen them
done in spoons and forks. Several
hung together. I had to add my
own touch and stencil the ivy
on the side of mine.

I purchased these skateboard shelves
last weekend at a sale. I loved them and
thought my grandson Caleb would like
them in his room....
Problem, they are blue, his room
is camo.

So out came the brown spray paint.
Now it will fit really well in
his camo room.

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
You are totally blowing my excuse for not getting things accomplished due to age. O_o Such a creative lady; I love seeing all that you come up with!

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