Taking It to a New Level

I have been messing with beads making
necklaces and earrings for a long
time, but I decided that I
needed to take it up a level.
A friend, Starla showed me some
of her work with beads and wire.
That just added the taste to my

But before I show you that, I want to share

The earrings are over 50 years old.
My Dad brought them back from Japan
for my Mom. She recently gave them
to me but I have piereced ears and these
had the screw on type. I just removed
them and added the wires for pierced
I wore them to work the other day
and everyone loved them, but I
felt that there was something not
I needed a necklace! Off to Hobby
Lobby. I got the chain and the bronzed
color beads, and to work I went.
I had the black beads. But the above
necklace is what I turned out,
pretty good match I think.

Now to the NEW level!

First trys.

Then I looked on the internet for
ideas...and I found some
really neat things....
so I made this....

I love it!

So many ideas out there to
find on the internet....
I joined Pinterest back
during the holidays and I found
this cute idea for a necklace.
I borrowed the idea using
different charms.

I made this one for me.
The upper part is a ring with
keys on it...then of
course the heart. The Keys
to My Heart!

So loving that idea that I made
one for my friend Debbie for
her birthday.

The upper ring has the words
written around it.
And since I had already had made
her some pearl earrings, I thought
the pearl was a great touch.

Now.....what shall be next?
You will have to come back to see
at a later date.

Thanks for stopping in,


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