It seems I have taken on more and more and as
                                         I have done that I realize that I am blogging less
                                         and less.

I try not to make New Years Resolutions but instead
I find if I call them PROMISES to myself I try harder
to stick to them. Soooooo, with that said, I have made
a PROMISE to work on my blogging!

Along with painting more.

I have dubbed this the year of change and with the
                       year of change I joined a gym. Yikes, what was I
                                    thinking? LOL…..I plan on working out every other
                       day, upper body one day and walk some, then the next
                                  time I go in, lower body and walk. On Tuesday and
                     Thursday nights they have Water Aerobics that I hope
                                                   to work in also.

Now, why would I go and do something like this? One….
so out of shape due to health issues like sleep apnea and
fibromyalgia. Two….weight, I need to lose…and with
that, we will not say how much. Actually, I have to get
a gripe on this health. On reading I found that exercise is
great for the fibro, just have to take it slow and not push it.
And I know there will be those days where it is flared up and
it will make it really hard to go, but I have to judge that and
not let it stop me unless its really bad.
Wish me luck.

And one more PROMISE I have made to myself is to get
                                 my house in order. I have way to much stuff that could go,
                                 things I don’t need and I need to organize better. That one, my
                                 friends will probably be harder then working out!

Okay, this is my story and I am STICKING to it…..
The Year of Change!

Thanks for stopping,


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