House Sitting part 3

I have been house sitting for my brother for years esp. during the years that my nephew was traveling all over racing. But I have to say my adventures of house sitting this time for my brother was a bit more then I could really handle.

                                                           The KING messing with Lola

I think part of that has to do with the fact that I am becoming a “home body”! I like being home, I like my company….and of course, The KING’s company (my dog, Dakota).

I love to go out with friends but I also like coming home to my place. So I was stressing just a bit about just being at his house and away from my comfort zone. But the other fact is that nothing seemed to go right. If you want to really understand part of the “FUN” time I had, go to and read this post. Should have titled it the battle with the bird!

So if you are back from reading that post about the bird then let me continue now….

I arrived on Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 11:00 at my brother’s house. My brother and nephew drove to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl the day or so before. My sis in law left out around 3 am that Sunday. So I was wondering what I would face with the big dogs in the house when I got there. But there were no piles or puddles, big or small…..dodged that bullet! I would have 6 dogs that I would be caring for. There is Moose, the chocolate lab, Chole the black lab mix, two outside boarder collies that in the winter time are inside dogs, and my niece’s dog, Maddie (she is the only small one of their bunch) and my dog, Dakota. On top of that, two birds, one being TJ (the one in the other post) and Lola. Now TJ is my brothers and Lola belongs to my sis in law, Lori. With that said, TJ is a one person bird, he don’t like, I am not crazy about him and he loves to rule the house. Then there was 3 horses, which I found to be the easiest to care for.

Sunday and Monday went well. TJ behaved those days cause I was there all day. The dogs went in and out and did their things. But being that the weather had turned off cold I was not going to be able to leave the dogs out to run during the day on Tuesday, so that meant they would be in the house from 6 till 4. So I closed off the rooms and they had the run of the kitchen, dinning room and great room since it is all open to each other.

Oh, the mess to face when I get home. Was I so worry about that, the dogs almost knocked me down getting out to the house when I got home but there were NO messes to deal with. They were great. There only problems I had with the dogs was keeping me up all night. I guess being away from my home and in a different spot I heard every move, drink, bite, snore and etc. that happened….not to mention the times they wanted to go out and none of them would come back in at the same time. Of course this is the day the battle with the bird started.

Then on Wednesday morning I woke to know water. It had gotten really cold out and a pipe outside broke and water was running down the drive. Luck would have it that I took a gallon jug of water with me, so I took a wash down bath and washed my hair with that. To top it off the cable was out when I turned on the TV to hear weather and traffic. Great…what a way to start the day. As I left the house, still dark, and my lights hit the water running down the drive I had to call my sis in law in Florida and she got the neighbor to come cut the water off. On my way to the end of the drive, there was skunk

out in the road, my luck I was sure he would spray and my car, and me would stink.
But seems like things were looking a bit better, he ran in a hole. So I continue my drive down the rode when a rabbit runs out and I had to dodge him. What a morning, I was so glad to get to work, which was my second day after a two week vacation.

The neighbor was unable to fix the pipe that day, so I stopped at my mom’s to pick up my dog (no I did not leave him at the house), she had a couple of gallon jugs of water for me. I stopped at my house to shower. Drove 25 minutes to my brothers, stopped at the barn to fed the horses then made my way to the house only to get out and reach in my pocket for the key

and discovered that they were in the pants I had worn that day, and they were at my house. Back in the car and headed down the long drive and the road to my house 25 minutes away. Got home, ran in and got the key and headed back 25 minutes to my brothers house. By this time I am getting nervous thinking about the dogs, they had been locked up in the house for 12 hours. Once again I was pleased and surprised, no messes.

I called about the cable only to find that they needed authorization to use the credit card on file to turn the cable back on. Little did I know until I texted Lori that this is suppose to be paid by that card every month without fail. Great……what’s going on here?

Anyway, there was another battle with the bird so I left and met a friend down the road about 10 minutes for dinner. I was not a happy camper and although I had not let the morning bother me, and I laughed about it all day, the evening with the bird and cable did not set well, I think I had enough.

After dinner, I drove back, it was dark and I barely missed that deer

that ran out in front of me! Crap, I went to the house, changed clothes and climbed in bed thinking that would be the safest place for me! Another doggie sleepless night.
Woke the next morning (Thursday), washed my hair in the sink again with bottled water and went to work, no mishaps. After I got home my brother called and asked about the cable, he then called and within 5 minutes, it was back on.

The rest of the week was not anything like Wednesday but come Saturday morning with lack of sleep and still being stressed, I left when Lori’s cousin came to clean. I showed here where to hide the key and later that evening I went back and fed the animals. Then I went home again only to return Sunday morning and take care of all. That evening the family returned, and all the animals were alive and well…..even the TJ.

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Anonymous said…
It would make a great movie.. really! All they need to add to the plot is a hunky farmer next door who shows up at just the right time. YOU get to pick who plays him; I think you deserve that much! I didn't know about the key... could anything else have happened? I can ask that now that it's over...

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