Cooked Frog

Years ago when my son was younger
(he is 24 now) my friends mother
had a pond in her yard, and this
pond had tadpoles in it.

Cory wanted to watch a tadpole
turn to a frog.

Sounded like a great idea.....
We caught a few and a couple
did not make it but we had one

 Our tadpole changed into a frog nicely.
 But we figured we would let him get a bit bigger
and let him go in the creek that ran next to the house.

 Now mind you we raised this critter in a glass
 vase, you know the big ones that you put those
 fighting fish in......first it had just water, then we
added a rock for him and he seemed to enjoy
his home.....

 He stayed on the kitchen cabinet but one day
 while I was in a CLEANING mood, I decided that
he might want fresh air. So I put him in the shade on
the deck....only the sun moved.
When I went out, he had been cooked through
the glass......oops.....

And this is about how he looked.......legs thrown to the side and belly up.

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Christina Lee said…
Uh Oh!!!!! What did you tell little one?

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