House Sitting Part 2

This past week I have been away from my home
and I have been house/dog/bird and horse sitting
for my brother Ray.

Ray only lives about 25 minutes from me
but he is out in the country where I love
to take my camera and enjoy the sights.

The first day out, last Sunday, Jan.,1, 2012
I headed to my brothers home. After turning
on his road and heading to his house, I had
to stop and let a group of
Wild Turkey cross the road.
Yes, you heard me correctly...

This is just some of them, there were about 15 or so.
You see the curve up the road from the turkey?
When I made it to that spot I had to stop once
again to let four deer cross in
front of me.

These two animals were two of the
ones I was caring for.

The white one is Jack and the brown is
Misfire. Beautiful aren't they?

Meet Peanut. So sweet. Peanut is
known by my younger brother, Mark as
"My Little Pony with the Tina Turner Hair".

I was also in charge of watching 6 dogs. Only one
belonging to me and he stayed at his granny's
for a couple of those days.

This is Chole (black one) and my Dakota (AKA
THE KING) running and playing
out in the yard.

The nice warmer outside weather and the running
and playing wore these babies out.





Maggie (AKA Scrappy)


Not featured in this post was TJ (in the last
post) and Ms. Lola who was so good that
I forgot to even take a pic of her.

Thanks for stopping in,


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