What have I been up to?

Christmas is almost here......
I have found myself so far behind on
everything and I am working
right up to the last minute.

A few weeks ago I finally sat down and
painted my Christmas card. This is something
that I have been doing for several years.
Difference is, I usually have it done
in August or September....this one
was finished at the end of November.

And they are in the mail now!
Years ago when my children were young
I started making them Christmas ornaments.
I would cross stitch them.

Then I added nieces and nephews,
brothers and then friends.
The last year I made them was about
10 years ago and at last count...
I did 25 that year.

This year I decided to do some for
my grandson's and one for my
great nephew.

Making ornaments and painting on top
of making Christmas gifts.

A REDNECK wine glass for
a dirty Santa gift.

And then this for a gift for
a friend at work.
She can use it as I have it or
put candy in it.

Now for the necklace and earrings...
I made these for me to attend
a Christmas party a couple weeks
ago. These are made from
paper clips. Love this.

And this next set is for a gift. Also made from
paper clips and a chain.

The next two gifts I made months
ago for Christmas gifts...actually
I had these done about 6 months ago!
Wow, was I on the ball, to bad I
dropped it along the way.

Cake plate.....made from
a candle holder and plate.

Same as with this one...candle
holder and plate.

And there you have it.....I have been busy
working on lots of things.
This does not include what I have
been working on for my

Thanks for stopping in,


gail said…
I too am behind! oh my! Hopefully I can get busy over the next few days as Jamie and Andy arrive next Tuesday! yikes!
Love your Christmas card! It's beautiful.
great job on all the handmade gifts. paper clips? seriously? very pretty!
take care Pam,

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