Roadside Find

Months and months ago I found this coffee
table on the side of the road. It was in great shape
and it matched my end table.
I have not had a coffee table in years
cause I just flet that they got in the way
and were only good for propping your
feet on.....

But, after storing this in the shed for
months I finally got it out and I kind a
like having it in front of the couch.

But in looking around the living room the other
day with my dark couch and chair and some dark
furniture, I decided I needed to lighten things
up some....

So with my primer and paint I did this....

I love it but now I really have to do the end table!

Thanks for stopping in,


pam--you KNOW I love it! I'm such a fan of this look! 110% improvement, seriously!
way to go girl!
happy new year!

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