Cole and Great Aunt Pam

Okay, so I have to agree that I have always
been a "GREAT" aunt but now for
real I carry that title and I am proud of

Last night my nephew, Chase, his wife, Susan and
my GREAT nephew and I went to
Gaylord Opryland Hotel to
see the lights and take some
pictures. We were trying to get a
Christmas family shot for Chase and
Susan but Cole was more interested
in looking around at all the lights.
Plus, I was having lighting and flash
issues so I am not really pleased
with most of the pics. But with that
said, I must say I love this

Susan took this with her cell phone
camera and I love it! I so hate
to have my pic made but this rates
up there as one of my favorites.
I love little baby Cole so much and he
is such a sweetheart. Smiles and
laughs so much. He is a doll baby for

Thanks for stopping in,


sweet picture! That cole is a sweetie eh?

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