Christmas Gifts

I was busy the last couple of weeks
before Christmas. Between
shopping and making things I
worn out now! lol

These cute things were made for
my two brothers and Brian, my boyfriend.
My brothers and I do not exchange
gifts but each year I try to give them
a little something.

Here is a Redneck birdfeeder.....

It was a big hit with my brothers.

This next item was made for
Diane at work. I thought about
putting candy in it but I decided
against that but it can be used
for anything.

This was a dirty Santa gift.
A Redneck wine glass.
I have seen these selling for
$15 or $16 but I made this
one for $1.50.

I made this for my friend Theresa.
She loves red roosters and I had
no clue what to give her, so
this idea came up. I think she loved

My daughter loves cows so this is something
I painted for her.

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