Columbus, Mississippi

Three years ago this month I was asked
to shoot my first wedding. I have
bought my camera for a hobby but
that hobby has really grown
to weddings and senior class
portraits...and I love it.

Through my "hobby" I have traveled
to different places to shoot a wedding.
I have done 3 weddings in Maryville, TN which
is a 3 hour drive from me. The longest
distance I have gone was to
Temecula, California for my
son's wedding to my lovely daughter
in law, Britney.
My last wedding did not take me
that far away but it did take me
on a 5 hour drive to Columbus, Mississippi.
A cute little town that reminded me so
much of the Georgia town that my mom
was born in.

Downtown, Main St.

These house were off Main St.
I so love the Victorian look.

This is Puckett House. It
is on the grounds of the college
and anyone can rent it out. The rooms
are $70.00 a night and to rent the downstairs
that is an additional $150.00.

The family of the bride stayed here and
the reception was held here.

Furnished with Victorian style
furnishings and so comfortable
of a place.

This is coming from upstairs to the

A drawing of the house.

And I so loved the lights.

Again, if you are needing a nice
place to go try going to the Puckett
House for a get away in Columbus,

thanks for stopping in,


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