Abigail and David - 11-12-2011

On November 12, 2011 I shot a wedding
in Columbus Mississippi. That was
a five hour drive from my house but
I was happy to do it since I was doing
it for a co worker and his wife, it was
there granddaughter getting married.

The brides family is a hoot so I had a great
time with it.

This is David, the GROOM.
And this is the shot I took as he
laid his eyes on Abigail, his soon to
be wife.

The family was staying at a house
on campus, The Puckett House.
A victorian style home that was
an awesome place to shoot esp. since
Abby was wearing an ivory, victorian
style dress. It was beautiful.

On the stairs.....

And yet another view while on the


Love this shot. Trying to give the
soon to be bride and groom sometime
before the wedding events started....
but I still had to click shots since
I did not want to miss a thing.

Abby was a great bride to
work with. Beautiful and all
I had to do was tell her what
I wanted. She was a natural.

And lets not forget to show my
favorite shot. I love this one....
The lighting in the chapal was
perfect for this shot, and with
Abby glancing down at her flowers
with the dress spread out...

The first dance.

Rice and bubbles are now out...
sparkers are in...

And the end of the wedding events
just before the bride and groom
ride off into the sunset.

Thanks for stopping in,


beautiful photos pam! Beautiful bride!
Ohh, it looks like everything was perfect!
congrats to Abigail and David!

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