I am laying here, flat on my back,
with ice....I am having some major back issues and
the my chiropractor suggested I take today off,
stay in this position until today's visit.
I say the pain is less this morning then
yesterday. Hoping for a full recovery.....

That out of the way, I want to say that I love
fall. Today has turned off cooler and the leaves
are just now getting a hint of color change to them.
But another reason I love the fall time is
that it produces the most prettiest sunrises
and sunsets.

On my trips to work this week I viewed two really
pretty ones that I would like to share.

This one was taken on Wed.

And this one was taken on Thursday. I looked up
as I was leaving Dunk'n Donuts getting my coffee....

Not as pretty as the day before but it was nice.

Thanks for stopping in,


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