Oh My Gosh....How Cute is He?

I had my youngest grandson at the house
a week or so ago while is Mom was working.
So I had to get the camera out and play.

My sis in law gave me a couple of old
suitcases so I thought I would try Braden
in one of them. I draped a tie around
his neck and hung a hat on the corner.

This is how that shot came out....
I had to take several of course while I had
him still.
I loved this one and I loved it more
when I made it sepia to give
it the aged look.
While I was playing around with that one
I decided to play with some other ones
I had taken. I really did not care for this
shot until I put the sepia to it but it
was even cuter as a print.

I  love that look..that one eye
peeking out from under the hat.
I might be his Nana but I think he is
just plain adorable!

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