Happy 1st Birthday Little One

Braden ~ Born September 20, 2010.
My youngest grandson is
turning 1 yr. old.

These are just a few shots through
is his young life.

This next shot is of him on his
1st Halloween.

Nana loves to pose him for pics.

I love this shot. His Mom was giving
him a bath in the sink. Look at
that look of love of his face.

1st Christmas.

Yes, that's Braden and his Nana (me) on his
first time to stay the night with me.

Learning he has hands.

So much fun getting this shot.

This is in Vanderbilt hospital when Braden
had to have surgery. All was well and
he did fine. Of course this
shot was before surgery.

Trying to check out Dakota. This is when
he learned to pull up and walk around
the furniture.

Braden stayed one day with me and
we got these shots.
I love this one.

Not looking to happy to have
Nana taking his pics today.

This shot was just taken last Suday. His hair
has really grown and curled up.

Gotta love that face and those cheeks.

Happy 1st birthday Braden. Nana
loves you.

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
You've GOT to be kidding me. He can't already be one; I remember when he was born, and that was just a couple of months ago! How in the world does time fly by so fast? (and accck... I remember my parents saying that.). He is a lucky boy to have YOU... to love him, play with him, and to capture these swiftly passing moments in time...
gail said…
ohh pam! he is just too darn cute!
i LOVE the one in the hat! oh my! very creative photography indeed!
happy Birthday Braden!

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