Day 89 - July 24, 2011 - Center Hill Dam

I was kidnapped yesterday by Brian to go for a ride.
We had lunch and took off to Center Hill Dam in
DeKalb County. Nice beautiful ride and the
dam area is so pretty.

This is off the the side of the damn, caught this view
as I stood on the road over the dam.

There is water that apparently leaks out around the
dam and comes out in caves along the bank.
This is all the water that was flushing out.
Isn't that such a pretty view.
another shot of that view.
Thanks for stopping in,


Hey Pam! :) Beautiful view..thanks for sharing. (seeing all that water almost made me feel cooler!'s SO hot here!)
I'm glad you liked my bunny pics...I just thought he was the sweetest little thing! I felt like snow white out there with him coming up to me...fully expected birds and butterflies to come swooping down to sit on my hand so I could sing to them! lol :0) Ok..I'm kidding, but it sure was fun to have the little thing act so tame! :)
have a great day!

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