Day 86 - July 21, 2011 - Who is Who

I love looking at old pics of my kids and now
of my grand kids. I love to see how they all

In this first pic titled Caleb ~ my grandson that is almost
11 yrs. old. The photo next to him is his little
brother Braden. Braden is not yet a yr. old.

But look at that, how much they favor.
Now compare the photo of this little boy...
It is Cory, my son. Yes, the two boys
favor Cory a lot but.....Cory is
their uncle!
I love it!

The little girl in this pic is Amber, she is
my daughter and the mother of Caleb
and Braden.

If I had a pic scanned to show you Amber as a baby
you would see just how much Braden and Caleb favor
her also.

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