Day 74 - July 9, 2011 - Happy B-day and More Random Shots

Today is my cousin Kathy's B-day. She is now.....
sorry, she would probably shoot me if
I told! lol

This is a pic of Kathy and her hubby, Kenny.
They are the proud grandparents of 7 kids.

The rain is coming ....down.
Yesterday after I got home from work it started
to pour...and pour....and pour, so much
so that the rain was coming so fast my
gutters could not handle it. So the rain
spilled over.
This is my oldest brother, Ray and Hera! Hera is a calf
that my niece brought home to her Dad so that
they could fatten her up.......and love on her
the rest of her life! RIGHT!

Anyway, it seems that Hera loved to wander.
No matter where they locked her up or what fenced
in pasture she was in, she got out...and
would wander staying gone for days on end.

Cute little thing....but I think Ray had enough and
I think that my niece had to find her a home, other
then at her dads.
Me...or my feet, relaxing at mom's one evening. I was
there this time for either my younger brother Mark or
my neice Holly's b-day. But it was nice to kick back.
This is Brian. He is the gentleman that I attended the Lewisburg
parade with on the 4th and the guy I am now dating.
Hey Brian.....
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
wow! There was a lot in that post! Kathy doesn't look like she could even be a grandmother once, much less 7 times! And the wandering cow....isn't there a cheese named that? Wait, no, it's Laughing Cow. Which Hera WON'T be if they have to find her a home that isn't quite so "cow friendly". And hello better take good care of my friend Pam. You look nice, and she's pretty picky, so I have a feeling that you're a good guy. :<)

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