Day 73- July 8, 2011 - My Son's B-day and Random Pics

I am actually a day late posting this post, since today
is really 7-9-2011....but its going on my Day 73 which
should be 7-8-11! There are just some days
you can't get everything done!!

This is my son, Cory. You have met him in other
post recently, like in May when he got married.
Well July 8, 2011 at 11:37 my son turned
24 years old.

This is not like a belated B-day wish cause Mom
did talk with him a couple of times on his
b-day to wish him a good day.
Would have loved to have wrapped my
arms around him and hugged him so tight....
but I live in TN and him in CA.
Hope you had a great day Cory.

This is view from my desk in the craft and
office room. It had been raining and the rain
weighted down my bush outside my window,
plastering it to the window....but it looks
so pretty.
Last weekend while changing sheets I started messing with
the dog...Dakota aka THE KING (you have met him
in a lot of post)!

I put him in the pillow case!
and this is him working his way out!
Now...question of the day, what is this strange looking
bug? I stopped to get gas and saw him on the car, and you
know me, I had the camera with me!
He was an odd looking bug.
Thanks for stopping in,


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