Day 72- July 7, 2011 - Tic Toc....Working on the Clock

I am in the process of redoing my livingroom walls!
I have been gathering items to use for a couple
of months and trying to decide exactly what
I wanted to do.

I picked this clock up at Goodwill for $4.99 several months
ago. Took it home and put a battery in it and it ran
just fine. But I was not crazy about the wood tone.

So I pulled this stuff out...and

got to work. The back of the clock had lots of little
staples in it so I was not up to taking it apart to take
the glass out to paint....I decided to leave
the section next to the glass in the wood tone.

Then I took this out....BLACK,
and here is how it turned out. I now have it hanging
in a grouping on my wall above the tv but I am waiting
till I hang the things on the other wall before
showing the finished project.

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