Day 54 - June 19, 2011 - Fish Fry

The guy in this pic in Mark....
we went to the same school just different grades
back many, many, many (think that might cover
it) years ago!That is another school friend, Laura.
For the last 30 years or so Mark and his family have gotten
together and had an annual fish fry. Last year Mark decided
to include facebook friends and old school friends in this
annual fish fry.

Of course last year Mark had not made me a friend of
his on facebook (lol, that is my story Mark and I
am sticking to it) so I did not attend. But it went
over so well that he did the same thing this
year by including his friends (difference was
I was invited this time) !!! lol

This is yet another school friend, Debby and her
sweet 15 year old daughter Raegan.
Reagan helped me to make hush puppies.

Laura's son, Justin. He warned me to not take his pic...
Sorry, you lost out.
Evan, Debby's son working on the decorations.
That actually says "Wecome to The Fishfry".
Nice table decorations Laura.
And the food was awesome.
Check these babies out....frog legs and guess what...
they taste like chicken!
Fish....a group of folks worked for a couple of
hours the night before cutting all this up.
Ok, so I might not cook but Steve makes a really
awesome Poppyseed Cake!
See those...I made those hush puppies! They were great.
I was surprised when Laura handed me the stuff and said
"you are making hush puppies" question, "Laura,
what part of "I DON'T COOK", do you not get"?
Frog legs in the middle and fish on the other side.
Sorry, I failed to get a pic of the head cook,
Jimmy. But Jimmy did the most awesome job on cooking
this meal. We had hamburgers and hotdogs also.
This is Jeff, I think we could call him the assistant
cook. Nice job Jeff.
The fish was so good I have to keep showing it!
And theres Steve's cakes again. Along with Laura's
chocolate pies! These are just so GOOD.
Yet more food.
Chips...I didn't get any of those.
and we now have the hotdog and hamburger
There were about 100 or so folks there and some came
after I left. There was a band and then I took pics.

Mark has such a big heart that he is wanting to start a foundation
to help young kids get into or stay in sports. Sports played
a big row in Marks life. So this coming year we DuPont
folks (our school does not exist any longer but as
school friends we come together) will be helping
Mark in this adventure and doing fund raising events
through out the year to help these kids. The guys from
The Old Hickory Boys (band) will be lending their talent
for the events and I will be given my photo skills to it.

Thanks Mark, Laura, Jeff, Jimmy and anyone I missed
for such an awesome day. Had a blast!

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
I love this Pam!! Thanks for including US!!! You are such an angel!! <3

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