Day 47- June 12, 2011 - Mr. and Mrs. Cory Jackson

What a beautiful day for two beautiful people
to pledge their love to each other!!!

My son walked me down to my seat then took
his place in from of everyone while he
waited for his bride to be walked
down on her Fathers arm.
Then he takes Britney's hand as her father
turns his little girl over to the man of her

The vows are spoken.
The rings are blessed.
And the kiss is given....
and given....
I love this natural, so loving.
And now I present Mr. and Mrs. Cory Jackson.

When my son asked me to photograph his wedding I
was so honored. That was to be my gift to the bride
and groom but since I love my photography
so much, I felt like this was one of the best
gifts I could them....something I love and
enjoy and it meant even more to me that
I was able to give that to them.

It was an emotional day for me, this is my baby....
but after being walked down the aisle to my seat where
my camera awaited me, I was able to get up
as Britney came out and start photographing.
I once had a photographer that I worked with before
I started this myself, a fantastic photographer that
I think the world of tell me that when you put that
camera up to your eye you see things differently,
you can detach yourself from what is going on....
Phil you were correct, by putting that camera
up to my eye when the wedding started I was
able to detach myself from that being my son,
I became that professional...and this helped
me to not bawl my head off!

That came later when the bestman gave his toast
and my son had tears in his eyes....I lost it then....even
with the camera in hand.

Thanks for stopping by,


Anonymous said…
You did such a beautiful job! I don' think I could do it; I just don't think even looking through the viewfinder would work for me. Your view "through the eyes of love" made this your best shoot ever and a gift that will last a lifetime. Way to go, Pam!
Anonymous said…
oh how beautiful.. both the moments, the emotion & the photographs. nice job mom!! :)
gail said…
wow! you captured their love perfectly! Beautiful pictures pam!
what a fabulous couple. Congrats to all of you!

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