Day 43- June 8, 2011 - Trip to Temecula, California

The past few days I have been showing pics of
San Diego, La Jolla, beaches, surfers etc....
it was all leading up to something.......

The reason I was out that way to begin with, for my
son's wedding.

No...sorry to disappoint but these are not
pics of that
But these are pics of the trip to Temecula, California
where the wedding was going to take place.

Riding down the interstate and seeing this
site I thought to myself, please don't pick
now for an earthquake!
Sure would hate for those to coming crashing
 These were looking a little loose!
Then we went over the top of the hill on the back
roads that we decided to travel and the view
below was beautiful. Wine Country...and that
is rows and rows of grapes.
Also on that travel we rode right along side of the
prettiest orange trees.
Then we arrived in Temecula, at the Inn at Churon Winery.
This was our room.
Breath taking....
And the view.
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