Day 42- June 7, 2011 - Blooms of San Diego

On the flight in to land in San Diego I noticed mountain
tops covered in May. My son told
me that it is really that fake snow but it looked
so funny to see.

But what I really enjoyed was the blooms. Apparently things
bloom in California all year round. Not like Tennessee.

This tree, I loved the blooms on it. I have NO clue
what it is, but it was so pretty and it is something
that we don't have here in Tennessee.
I have seen birds of paradise but not growing out in
my state. Usually in some type of cut
And this.....what is it? It was growing on
a bush. To funny...and no, we don't
have this in my state either.
What kind of plant is that?
Wait, that is Lori, my sis in law
using the bloom as a clowns nose!

Never seen this one in my state either.
Yes, I know this one...we do have these
in Tennessee!
And here is some more of that beautiful tree.
Thanks for stopping in.
Next time maybe you can stop and smell the roses! lol


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