Day 41- June 6, 2011 - Prospect Place

Once upon a time as a small little child
I lived in San Diego, well actually
in Coronado CA. My dad was in the Navy and sometime
after my birth we moved there from Port Huemene
CA. We left California when I was
somewhere around 2 or so, and I have never
returned.....until.....I made this trip
out there to see my son marry his sweetheart.

My mom told me that when we lived there, there
was not a Coronado Bridge.

They took a fairy to get over to that part of California.
But now there is a bridge....a long bridge.

My sis in law and I traveled over that bridge cause I
wanted to check out where I lived. The military housing
is gone and has been replaced by medical buildings, but the
street name remained the same. Although I was not
really paying attention and I got a shot of the 200 block
of the street and not the 100 block that I lived on.

So somewhere down at the end of this street once
stood a house that I lived in.
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