Day 42- May 11, 2011 - Getting a bit loud to be outside!

Yesterday's post had the question, "what is
the purpose of the 13th year Cicadas.

They come out, leave a mess, make
a noise and die.....

The purpose I have come to is to drive
us all nuts!

Last night I had to look for shells or
skins and Cicadas to photograph.
But this morning I woke to my porch
covered with them and as I
was backing out of the drive I saw
this site under my tree.

They are everywhere.
So of course I had to get right down there
with them and try and get a good shot.
This guy is not actually coming out, I think he was
eating the shell....or maybe trying to get back in.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Yikes... Hey Pam... You do know that the Cicada skins are like candy to dogs right? It's an aphrodisiac.. lol.. kid'n but it's eye candy they love to EAT! Make sure that if you spray or have a company spray pesticides that your baby doesn't eat them...he could get sick..and depending how strong the pesticide.. could be very dangerous...but if you don't spray.. it's ok for your pet to enjoy some..just watch to make sure they don't gorge or choke..vomit.. if so.. call yr vet. They form a vital link in the food chain between trees and hundreds of cani/omniovers(sp?)... including humans in different countries that enjoy them for a snack! And..lastly..their urine is called honey if they are in a tree and you feel a few drops and it's sunny...that means you are too close cause they are peeing on YOU! lol. Nancy M.; Ohio

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