Day 31- May 20, 2011 - Every 13 years

Two weeks ago they started to come out....
Digging there way to the top and coming out
of their skin, shells...whatever.
But....we had a cold spell for about
4 days, and their activity was just about nothing.
Hoping that was the end of them since they were

But how wrong that thought was.
Two days ago it warmed up and
here came thousand and thousands
of them.

When they first appear they are white. When their
body hardens then they change color.

Ugly little critter.
This is the wall in my Mom's yard this morning.
And this is the second time I have woke to find
this site on my front porch.
The whole cycle thing of the Cicadas is rather interesting
but I will be so glad when this is over.

Thanks for stopping in,


They really can drive you about crazy with all of that noise they make. I so agree I will be glad when they are gone for another 13 years!!

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