Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 29- May 18, 2011 - Random Things for Today

Today........I was just playing around with my
little point and shoot camera.

My office window.

My office cube....
My clown freaks out one of my co-workers so
she turned her upside down! lol

See the local community calendar?
That is my pic for May. Yes, I am
Ms. May! lol
Check out my nails~
I love purple....but that is not what I am talking
about. I have always wanted long nails, never
have been able to grow them cause they
split and broke. Now that I take a large
dose of calcium I have nails.
And they are driving me crazy. I want to keep them
for awhile to see if I can adjust to them but....
I can't tpye with them (yes, I know they are not
that long but I am not use to them)...I can't do
anything for fear that I will break one off!

Now for dinner tonight. Local mexican place..
the snack before dinner.
Dinner.....yummy. It was good but so large that
I had issues......
and I made the mistake of letting Theresa have my
And this is where my feet have been...
The local mexican place for dinner.

Thanks for stopping in,