Day 26 - May 15, 2011 -College Graduation (May 14, 2011)

Congrats to my beautiful niece Paige on
her college graduation last night from
Western Ky...

That is Paige in the center.
And here is the moment she worked so
hard for!
After all was said and done and I had the
camera ready for the tossing of the hats,
the grads did something different.
The waving of the red Western Ky.
A sea of red.
Paige getting at congrat kiss from her oldest
brother, Chase.
Proud Dad (my brother Ray) and my Mom with
Paige and Granny.
This is Cole, Paige's little nephew and my
great nephew.
I so dislike having my pic made but for this
I had no problems with it. Paige and her
proud aunt with her silly uncle Mark (my
other brother) in
the backgroud.
Now Mark can be front and center to have his
pic made with his niece. That is also my
sister in law Kim.  Happy Birthday
to Kim also.
Adam, Paiges sweetheart. And he is that
for sure.

Susan, Paiges sister in law with
baby Cole.

Congrats once again Paige. I am very, very proud of
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Beautiful Pam! OMG time does fly... What are her plans for the next stage in her young exciting life? Congrats to her and many best and in her future! Nancy M.; Ohio

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