Day 5- April 3, 2011 - Gearing up to crawl

Well surgery a week ago has not slowed this one
down at all!

"Whoops Nana, I slid out of the carrier....HELP!"

Braden has started to get up on all fours to prepare
for what comes next....CRAWLING!
Only problem with that is that he scoots backwards!
Then he realizes that he is not getting any closer to
the camera or Nana so he gets that
puzzled look.
Then he starts to look around for the dog.
"Nana, where did he go?"
And since Dakota aka THE KING is so jealous
of all the grandkids, he can't stay out of a picture
if he thinks the baby is getting more attention.
This time he scooted sideways, still has yet
to get the crawl down pat but just give him
alittle time and he will have it down.
Thanks for stopping in to visit Braden and I,


Pam, I love that picture of Dakota and Braden! He'll be on the move in no time!
This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

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