Day 31- April 30, 2011 - AIR

I would love to say that this is the way my day started....
but it did not.

It started with me running to the bank, the gas station
and then to pick up the McDonalds coffee (actually
its more of a dessert)...

Home to cut the grass and just after finishing that
at 9:30 my long time friend came to put
in my new air unit.

This is the old inside and outside
units. It's been a good unit...the inside
part is original to the house which would
make it 38 years old. The outside unit was
installed 17 years ago. The same friend
that put the new one in today put the old in
that many years ago. I had just moved
into my home when the air died. He
was able to get one off the floor where he
works, one that had been traded in for a
bigger unit. It was already 7 years old.
So it ran a good 23 years.
And if you are adding the years up in your head
as you read this then you know that the unit was
actually 24 years old. stopped cooling
at the end of last year but with Barry's help I was
able to make it the last couple weeks of summer.
So the official death of the unit was last yr.

This is my new unit, boy have they changed!
And this is Barry's help who did a great job
crawling under the house to do all the
wiring and drainage pipe work.

This is my friend Barry. He is such a sweetie and is always
looking out for me and my air. He was taking
a break here and I just happened to catch this yawn.

There was another guy with them that worked just as hard
but I failed to get a shot of him. Thanks to all three of
them for taking their Saturday to help me out.
Which took at total of five hours, not counting the
hour lunch.  Long day for a Saturday, no wonder
Barry was yawning.
And this is Dakota aka The KING, he is not a friendly sort
of dog, not trusting at all, so he laid and kept an eye
on the guys as they worked.....of course not only
is he not friendly, he is scaried of everything, so he
stuck to me like glue, he is laying at my feet.
So my day might not have started with me sitting on the
deck but it turned that way really fast. I let the guys
have the run of the house while I sat in the shade on the
deck, laptop in my lap, camera by my side, coffee,
and my phone while I listened to the birds sing
and the water in the creek flowing by......

Not a bad day at all and to top it off....I have AIR
now. LOL, only it turned off a bit cooler today so
I have the windows open!

Thanks for stopping in,


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