Day 21- April 20, 2011 - THE BEES and Spring

About 15 years ago or so I had a shed delivered to
my backyard. The first year was not an issue
but every year after that I have been visited by this~
Sorry, I know its not a great shot but have you ever tried
to photograph a flying bee that will not set down and light

These are carpenter bees. From what I have read they
will not sting you but they are fairly good size and
I have had them slam into me while trying to get
around them.

So yes, since they are carpenter bee's they love my
shed. Every year they come back and either drill
new holes or take back up in the old ones. This
year though there is a difference. MORE of them.

I usually have about 5 or 6 but this year it appears at any given
time that there are around 20 or so. The really rough
part about this is that they don't drill their holes
in the bottom side or bottom back on the shed, no
they have to do it in the bottom front, right at
the doors....

I have gotten braver this year and I will just walk through
them when I need the mower which of course is stored
in the shed. But its the sound of the buzzing and them
flying all around that un-nerve you!

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