Day 18- April 17, 2011 - Easter Egg Hunt

This past Sunday my grandkids, daughter and
I were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt.
We had a great time.
There was good food (which I failed to
photograph), good friends and lots for
the kids to do.

When I was about 12 I had a best friend named Barbara.
Barb and I hung out together all the time.
Through Barb I became part of the Hollis
family and through the years of us growing,
our kids growing and now our grandkids, the
family still treats me like part of the family.

This is the generation we are working on now.
And with baskets in hand before the hunt begins,
its picture time.
This is our hostess, Sarah. She is niece of Barb.
And this was our host, Jeremy, Sarah's
Thanks Sarah and Jeremy for inviting me, Amber
and the boys. We had the best time.
Love you guys.
Thanks for stopping in,


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