Day 17 - April 16, 2011 - Travel and Entertainment

Hello everyone. I have had a busy day today.
But before I go into that let first add that
as of yesterday I am now down 16.2 lbs
in the last 9 weeks with Weight Watchers.
But I think I blew it today!

My morning started like almost every work day
morning only today was Saturday. I love sleeping
in on the weekends but I had plans with a good
friend of mine to head out early to go to a
book signing. NO.....I have not written a book,
But Theresa (my friend) has a friend that has
written several, her name is Roberta Simpson Brown.
Theresa picked me up at my house at 7 am and
we headed to Bowling Green Ky. That drive is
about an hour way, also where Western Ky. University
is located which happens to be the college Theresa
went to and where my niece Paige will graduate
from next month.

On the way up we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for
breakfast. Yep, that is where the downhill
slide started with the point counting today!
Mulitgrain pancakes, eggs and bacon!

Sorry, I got off subject a bit.

This is Roberta.

She is an author, a great story teller of ghost stories.
I have not read her books...yet...but I did hear her
speak today and was able to hear a couple of her
stories. Very interesting and not only that she
is a very sweet lady.

The cover of the latest book by Roberta and
co-written with her husband.
I love a good ghost story, don't you?

After Theresa dropped me back off at my house I headed
to my Mom's to get the KING. For those of you who
do not know the KING, that would be my dog,
Dakota. He stayed at my Mom's
since I was leaving early and would be gone
a good part of the day. Well anyway, the KING
and I came home and took a 30 min. nap. A short
one cause I had somewhere I needed to be
at 5:00.

I was going to see an impersonator of another

At my best friends church they were having a dinner that
was cooked by the Silver Springers church class, I think
that is for those over 50. Now Debbie invited me to come
along for dinner and to enjoy the show afterwards.
Ever been to a church function where the ladies of
the church cooked a meal.....TRY counting points on
one of those meals. Fried chicken strips, pasta salads,
creamed tater, cream corn, green beans and so much more....
not to mention the desserts!

Whoops there I go again, off the subject.
After dinner we were introduced to Wade
Cummins aka Elvis Wade, he is one of the first known Elvis
He lives here in the area and knows some of the members
of Silver Springs Baptist Church so he came long
to entertain us.  And he did a great job.
Wade has been singing like Elvis since he was about
9 yrs old and I have to say he does a really
good job. I wished you could have heard him singing
How Great Thou Art....amazing.
Now I am home, belly full, tired and ready to crash.
Thanks Theresa and Debbie for including me always.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
I want one of those books! Adam would LOVE it! And congrats on losing weight.. that is wonderful! I need to do the same; please inspire me! Love Elvis, too... bet Dakota would run him into the next county, tho. There is only one KING at your house.. .
I like your blog! Great work on posting this! I want one of those books as well...Daniel
Congratulations on the weight you have lost. That is awesome! Your post was so cute! Bowling Green is a really great place. My brother went to Western also.

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