Sunday Citar - There is no place like home

Its Sunday Citar over at Tibitha's blog today...
jump on over and check it out.

My post for Sunday Citar today is ~
There's No Place Like Home~ Dorothy, Wizard of Oz.

At the end of February I stayed at my brother's house while
he went out of town. I was house/dog/horse and bird sitting....
And although I don't mind ever doing this for him I have to say
that after a week, I was ready to go home....home to my things,
my house and my way of life.....
so with that, when I walked in my door I caught myself saying...
there is no place like HOME!

Thanks for stopping in,


Fresh Mommy said…
Oh I COMPLETELY agree, there really is no place like home :)

Fresh Mommy said…
I completely agree!! There really is no place like home, especially after you've been away!! :)


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