Day 363 - March 27, 2011 - Marco Friday

I am playing along with another group today that
I just found thanks to my friend Pam (P2)...
so this will actually be my second post
today for day 363 (almost there for
my year).

So jump on over to blogging from
Bolivia and check out some more great shots
on Marco Friday.,....

I am a couple of days late on playing along
but I hope that is not an issue.

This is my marco shot for today.
Caught this beauty a couple of weeks
ago when the magnolia trees were
in bloom. Aren't they just
such a perfect bloom?

Thanks for stopping in.....again!


deb duty said…
This is so pretty! I kept meaning to stop and take a photo while they were blooming this year, but I missed it. I'll have to wait til next year.
Rachel said…
Ohh - beautiful!!!
Anna See said…
Absolutely beautiful, Pam. It catches spring right there.
Ray said…
Wow so beautiful!

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