Day 349 - March 12, 2011 - Baby Cole First Photo Shoot

Meet Michael Coleman. This is my great
nephew. He was born 4 lbs, 6 oz
on March 3, 2011. Thanks to my
nephew Chase and Cole's Mom
Susan for allowing me to photograph this
little sweetie.

I think I was keeping him up.
But he was good with being moved around so much.
But with this next look I think he was telling
me that enough was enough.

I love this next shot of Cole. Looks like
he has more skin then he does weight.
So tiny in Dad's hands.
This was one of his Dad's racing helmets.
And the little hats just are way to big for him.
Loving this shot.....
Cole was placed in a wooden bowl that
his Great, Great, Great Grandmother
made her rolls in. She would love
knowing she was a part of this
In the bowl yet again.
Thanks for stopping in and thanks to
Cole's Mommy and Daddy for allowing
me the chance to photograph Cole.


Rachel said…
He is darling! I remember those days well - when we brought Itty Bit home he was 5 pounds even... and I miss the smallness of him, but love the healthier size!

I adore that shot in the Grandmother's bowl!
Anonymous said…
Definitely a little "love muffin" right there! Love the dough bowl and rolling pin and all of the other props, too. I bet his parents are thrilled with those photos! (and wow... you're on Day 349... almost to the end! Way to go....)
Jimi Ann said…
So fragile and perfect! I love the pic of him yawning. You just want to squeeze him, but you can't. Not yet. When he's a bit bigger, then you can squeeze away, and smooch away. What an absolute sweetie!

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