Day 360 - March 24, 2011 - Surgery

Today my youngest grandson had surgery.
He is 6 months old but when he was born they
could not circumsized due to Hypospadius, his
pee hole was off center and he had a bit to much
skin. They had to wait till he was this age so
that it would be easier on him to be put to sleep for
the procedure.

This is Braden be readied for his surgery.

Putting on his band.
He has learned he has a tongue...the funny thing
about that is that my family seems to have a thing
about sticking out their tongue when they are concentrating
on something. It seems to move down from one
generation to the other.
This is Mommy (my daughter) reasuring herself that he
will be okay.
There is nothing any better then a baby's laugh and to
see the smile that goes along with it.
Being checked out.
His band.
Although he had not eaten or had a milk bottle since
10:30pm the night before he never got fussy over
being hungry. But he did get a bit fussy and the eyes
got heavy, so Nana (me) held him close and
rocked him. He slept for 45 min. before the surgery.

And this is him being carried off for his procedure. I liked
that he was carried out and no IV was put in until he was
This is a screen that they run in the waiting room, tells
you where the child is. Operating, holding, or
in recovery.
Mommy and Braden after surgery.
He is curled up on his Mommy. Wake up Braden so
that we can take you home.
All in all the surgery took about 35 minutes. Recovery about 45 minutes...
he wanted to just sleep. He woke with a smile on his face
and was just so happy. He laughed and entertained the
staff.  He was a good trooper. Later when the meds
wore off he got a bit ill but he is doing just great.

I want to go on record as stating that the staff at Vanderbilt
Childrens Hospital, Rascal Flatts Surgery Center
 are great. They are so caring, so
concerned and they handle their job with love in their
hearts. They are on top of everything and they explain
everything to the letter and very helpful with your
concerns and questions.

Thanks for stopping in,


awww bless his heart! Braden is such a cutie!
hoping he feels okay tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
So glad that all went well for your littlest man. It's hard to see them take your child/grandchild away, no matter how "simple" the procedure is supposed to be. What a sweet boy.. I love his smile! that behind you... hurray!
Rachel said…
Oh Pam, I had no idea!

With all of Itty Bit's kidney issues, they were worried about hypospadia too.

I don't know if you remember when I posted recently about being ignored by the "world famous specialist", until I said a certain word?

That word was "hypospadia". I never expected to see it on your blog!

I hope that Braden is recovering well and that it is not causing any problems for him.

He is a darling - so glad he came through the surgery with flying colors!

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