Day 347-March 10, 2011 - Cover me BABY!

Hello everyone, I am joining Allison over at Catch a Glimpse
for Catch a Glimpse Thursday. She has really talented folks
that have also joined her today so when you finish up here
why not jump on over and see what else there is.

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Last week our family was blessed with yet another
baby boy! This makes my Mother's 4th great grandchild....all boys!
My daughter has 3 and now my nephew has a sweet little one.

I have been working on his shower gift for about a month off and
on but since he had to be brought into the world a month early...
he beat his own showers!

I will be attending a shower in honor of him this Saturday, I
finished his gift two days ago. It is made to go with his
room, in his colors.

This shows my needle at rest but believe me
I was hard at and on.
The finished product.
This is done in a single and double crochet stitch.
The brown being single and the blue
in double.....just to break things up ..
but at 4 lbs and 2 oz, I think we will
lose him in this!

thanks for stopping in.


lifebythecreek said…
I love the colors! And he'll grow into it... and always know that you put love in every stitch. :)
oh i love it! great color choice!!
{i started knitting a baby blanket, like 5 years ago.. still not finished! i got distracted from it, after working on it for weeks. once that happened, i lost my place on the pattern, and it's been sitting in a bag ever since. LOL}
Beautiful job! Love the colors. Those were the colors of my nephews room when he was born. He came a month and a half early. So all my sister's showers turned into "Welcome baby" showers. lol

Thanks so much for linking up to Catch a Glimpse party and for the little shout out!

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