Day 2- March 31, 2011 - Cake Plates

Day 2....a long way to go! lol
Check out the cake plates
I made out of plates and
candle holders.

Don't laugh, but I have thinking of gifts for
Christmas...yes, I said Christmas.
These are both for Christmas gifts.

Cake plate #1 ~ Goodwill plate .99 cents
and candle holder $1.99.

Plate #2 - Same deal as #1.
All from Goodwill, same prices.
I really like the little flowers on
the stand of plate # 2.
Thanks for stopping in,


The cake plates look great Pam! Do you go to the outlet or the regular store? Jamie said she noticed the outlet has less dishes right now and lots more toys!
Not laughing at all. I but Christmas gifts throughout the year. The cakes plates are lovely. Happy Friday Hugs!
Rachel said…
I've always been a fan of Burlap & Blue on Etsy and these totally rock!

I am already thinking about Christmas too! :)

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