Day 328- February 18, 2011 - Goodwill, Good Buys

I am a bit behind on posting a post a day, thanks for
reminding me Mark! lol
So I am going to be posting a blog post for the
days that I have missed while I was away at my
brothers house, house/dog/bird and horse sitting!

While I was busy with the animals I took a break last Saturday
to venture out to the Goodwill near their house.
I am always on the look out for something I
can us to make something else.
But with this first buy, it was
work needed. This is for one of my grandson's.
It can sit on the shelve in his room and I don't have
to do a thing with it.
Got this cutie at the bargain price of .99 cents.

This next purchase was $2.99 but I have plans for
it that I will have show at a later date.
This is a nice piece $2.99. I thought it would be perfect
to sat a potted plant on.
And these were $1.49. Not sure yet
what I will do with them but it will come to me.
This was .99 cents and its metal. Loving the black look
these days.
Really do not care for the pic or the saying on this
but for .99 cents I got a really nice piece of
board that don't need cutting or sanding. I think
I have a project in mind I can use this for.
This little glass dish was only .49 cents. I thought it would
nicely on the dresser to put rings in.
Another .99 cent buy. What can I do with this?
But for $1.49 I really like this buy. Probably more
then I should have given for it but I had been
looking for something like this....
to use in the kitchen so that I can do away with
this other bottle.
Now won't that look better sitting on the counter?
Thanks for stopping by,


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