Day 308 - January 29, 2011 - Lockers

Last May when Nashville had the FLOODS and so many
places were under water, that included my niece's school.
She attends a private school where the parents have an active
and helping hand in most everything that involves the kids.
This includes setting up for plays (my brother plays a role in
this) to moving things to the upper level of the school when
the flooding started. From my brother I understand that
parents and teachers alike joined at the school to make
this happen and to save as much as they could. Its amazing
what can happen when everyone joins together.
Even though it was near the end of the year the
children had to finish up the year at local area churches.
But with the outstanding help and hard work the school
was ready to reopen when school started back.
From the cleaning up, the painting, the hauling off,
the replacement of floors (including gym), replacement
of doors to the lockers. It was already to start a new
school year.
Last night was my first time to be back in the school.
My niece was in a skit for the drama class. My brother
pointed out the nice new floors and lockers that had
to be replaced on the first floor and I realized just how
much work went into just this one building, this one
school. There are still places around town that are not
finsihed, that will never be the same again.
The bright new floors of Holly's school and the
new lockers had me looking down the halls through
the lens of my camera. This is what I saw.

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Rachel said…
Oh Wow. Yes, you're right - it's amazing what can happen when people pool their talents and resources and work for a common goal (and for the KIDS!)

That is awesome!

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