Day 307 - January 28, 2011- Faces

Holly, my youngest niece is a born actress.
She was always entertaining us with little skits that
she would come up with but it really took off one year
when she took a summer drama class through her school.

For one week the kids attended this class, tried out for parts,
learned the lines and then just 5 days later, they would put on a play.

Holly won the part of Ms. Hangan in Annie the first drama class she
attended. I can't remember a time that I recall laughing that hard for
so long. The girl nailed it with her part. She speaks clear, she
knows her lines and the facial expression that go along with each
line is amazing.

From there the next year she won the part in the summer drama
play as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. The desire to act was now
in her blood. She went on to have a part in the local theater here
in town one November.

When she was old enough (9th grade, I believe) she was able
to actually join the drama class at her school. She has played
several parts, and might I add, very well. She also played a
nice witchy woman, then to become a dead woman in the
Mouse Trap.

On January 28, the drama class decided to put on a couple of
small skits. One was "12 Reason to not put on a play" and
another was "12 Ways to Screw Up a College Interview"....
the latter was the one Holly was in. She was one of the interviewers.

These skits were put on and produced by the students. Since it
was not one of the two larger plays that the students work all
year to put on, camera's were allowed for this one. So, me being
the camera bug that I am, I had mine with me and was able
to capture some of the facial expressions of Holly has she played
her part.

Check out the different faces of Holly......
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