Day 305 - January 26, 2011 - AGAIN

Tennessee, the Nashville and surrounding areas don't
usually see a lot of snow. Our thing is more ice. This year
we were spared from the ice but we have had at least 4 snows
measuring in my area from 2 -4 inches. Although its pretty.....

I had a talk with Mother Nature and just told her that if
she could not dump a foot of this white stuff.....she needed
to stop messing with us!
Taken from the computer room this morning....
My bush outside the computer room window.

Looks very pretty settling on the top of this bush.....but
it was not a foot of snow. I have not been out to measure
but I think around 2 inches again.

Anyway, apparently Mother Nature as decided to not listen to
me and decided since I demanded....I mean requested she
stop this, she is not about to....
Thanks for stopping in,


we got hit too! Although I think ya'll got a little more than we did. I'm south of l'ville, so we got more than they did downtown.
I guess I don't mind it, but every time Louie goes out, he comes in covered with snow! then he leaves his little snow fur balls all over the house!
be safe and warm!
Cheryl said…
Beautiful photos of the snow outside your window. Looks painfully cold to me!! I'm suffering in 50 degree weather lol

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