Day 301- Januray 21, 2011 - The Melt Down

After the 2 inches of snow we got Thursday night
in less then 3 hours I got up to frozen roads.
The temp had dropped so much or the evening hours
that my street was a solid sheet of ice.

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't risk it
by venturing out in snow or ice. By 10:30 the
temp rose 1 degree but the sun was out and the
road began to melt.

With that I decided to head to work. As I stepped
out on my porch I veiwed this site in my holly
tree just off the porch. I headed
back in for the camera.
Notice what appears to be droplets near the bottom of the
pic, that was what was melting and pouring over my gutters.
Got it in the drip!

That evening when I arrived home after work and the
temps had begun to drop again, the site was a little

Such a cool shot.

And right above that last shot I had this view.

We are having a meltdown today with a temp of 27! And sunshine.
With possible snow to come back in tomorrow night.


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