Day 300 - January 20, 2011 - AGAIN????

I don't live in the north. Here in Nashville, TN. we
don't usually see a lot of snow. Most we get each year
is ice, then a touch of snow on it......

This year has been a complete turn around for us. We
have not see a lot of inches in snow but we have had
a lot of days where it snowed.

Well, its at it again. Expecting 1 - 3 inches in this area. I just went
out and measured and we are just a touch under 2 inches.

Started to snow at 3 almost on the nose and now 2.5 hours
later we have that mentioned amount.

Now I love snow, always have....if I don't need to get out in it.
But when I say I love snow let me say I LOVE A LOT

So I state now for all to, MOTHER NATURE
if you can't give me a foot (or at least 4 to 6) then please
stop dumping on us with this little bit here and there.

Bring it on!


yep! we have it too. I talked to jamie earlier, she left work early due to the weather.
she's home for the night, and brought her computer with her so she can work from home tomorrow if she needs to.
I know I will be shoveling snow tomorrow!
be safe and warm
lol you're too funny! Surely YOUR under sink can't look that bad!
have a good day (in the snow)

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