Day 299 - January 19, 2011 - You have been framed

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The other night while my grandson played games on my
facebook page I decided to use up some time and work on a
craft project that I first saw in blog world. Thanks
to Courtney at A Diamond in the Stuff blog. You can find
that post at ~~
Anyway, it looked like a cute and simple project but I loved it...

You have to start with a craft wooden frame and of all things
I forgot to start the project with a pic of that frame....yikes...

I like black and white together but have just recently started
to use it in my decorating. This project was going to start out
with black paint.....
a brush and my frame.....

When I had painted just around the outside edges on the frame,

and all the back I pulled out the sheet of scrapbook paper

I wanted to use. I traced the frame, inside opening and outside

onto the back of the paper and started to cut. Keep in mind for

the black around the edges to show you need to cut just a hair

or two inside the line you drew.

After that was cut and done I pulled out my mod podge glue

and finish and coated the back of the paper. Applied it to

the front of the frame and smoothed out the bubbles.

Letting that dry abit I went back over it with several coats

of the mod podge and let that dry.

Then taking a black and white photo of my boys (grandsons)

I put it in the frame.

I think it turned out great. It was made for my livingroom

but I ended up taking it to work to sit on my desk. Makes

me so happy to look over at it during work hours.

Thanks for stopping in. Jump on over to Courtney's blog and

check out some of the neat things she does.


Unknown said…
You did an awesome job!!!
Pam! I love how this turned out! so simple, but so sweet! I'm glad you took it to work. (sadly it may get more time with you there)
and it will give you something to smile at!

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