Day 298 -January 18, 2011 - Birds in a Nest

Okay, so I know what you are thinking when you read
the title to this blog.....sorry to disapoint you. Although I love to watch nature this post is not about those
kinds of critters!

My son Cory, who lives in San Diego Ca. was cooking one
morning when I called. He was making what he called Birds in
a Nest. I was surprised to hear he could cook but then a little
scared to even ask about the bird/nest thing. But I did. He
went on to explain to me that you cut the center out of a slice
of bread, butter both sides and put it in the skillet.....
Guessing that is considered the nest.

From there you add the bird, actually the egg! Crack
your egg into the center of the bread. I cooked mine
until I could see the center almost done and the bread
was a golden brown, then I flipped bread and egg at
once. Cooking till the egg was done and that side of
the bread was golden brown also.

Yummy looking and it so reminded me of french toast that I decided
that I would eat mine with a touch of syrup on it.

I might add, it was really tasty so I fixed it again the next
I have been told that this is called different things in different
A friend David said that in Australia it is called a Toad in a Hole....
my Aunt Donna in Georgia calls it a Egg in a Hole.....
And Teya tells me that Cracker Barrel serves this and on
the menu they call it Eggs in a Basket.
I for one had never heard of it let alone tried it,
but I will say that once I did, I really enjoyed it.
Thanks son for introducing me to something new!
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Mmmm.... we may have to have this for breakfast in the morning! And the syrup idea sounds especially yummy.

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