Day 295 - January 15, 2010 - Light Show

I have always had a camera but it was not until early 2006 when
I got my first point and shoot digital camera that I really began to
enjoy taking lots of pictures. Thanks Mom for that
birthday gift.

Digital opened up a new world for me in taking photo's. I
have really produced a lot of great shots and with digital
of course you can see the pic then, don't have to develope
them and you can delete as you go if they are not what
you wanted.

Since that first camera that died early in the year of
2010 I have purchased yet another one to replace it...
and although I love my point and shoots that I can carry
in my purse I have to say, my fav is my Nikon D40 that
I treated myself to in 2008.

In playing with that Nikon I have captured some really
neat things but sometimes you just want to do the
unusal and see what comes out.

These pics were taken in December, shooting at the
Christmas tree. As you click that button, just move
your camera around here and there and see what comes

I really like these shots.

Just play with those cameras and mess around with the usual.
Thanks for stopping,


Anonymous said…
I love these! Such great effects... and it works with fireworks, too. You and I think alike...

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