Day 290 - Januray 10, 2011 - Decorate P J

A couple of months ago I decided that my boring arrangment
in the entry way needed something move then a mirror
and candle holders.

I purchased a wooden P and J (my initials). I painted
them black and hung them with the mirror and
the candle holders. Today I decided that looked
a little boring yet.

This is the PJ in black.
And this is what I decided to add to them.
Black and white scraping paper, 29 cents
a sheet.

This is how they look after applying them to the letters.

Close up look of the paper.

This is the grouping after I hung the letters.

A closer shot.

Thinking of painting the bookcase black also, I think
that will really set it all off. Also wishing I had added
the paper to the black plaque and thinking I might
redo that also. That project can be found at

The view coming down the stairs.


Pam, I love the letters with the paper on them. They look great hanging on the wall.
pam said…
Very cute! The letters really add a lot to your foyer!

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